Frequently Asked Questions v.2

Table of Contents

  1. Site Questions
  2. Translation Questions
  3. Scan Questions
  4. Miscellaneous Questions

Site Questions

Q: Why did you build this site?
A: I built this site to feature a home for every manga translation on the internet, with hopes in preserving those translations even after their creators lose interest and take down their sites. I wanted a place where you could find all the translations you want without running into a ton of "404 file not found," or javascript errors.

Q: Your site looks kind of bland, why not add some images?
A: The reason my site looks bland is because it is meant to look bland. I tried to build a site that will not alienate people with slower modems (like myself).

Q: Why have you been adding so many non-translation related sections to your site?
A: I don't anymore. Over time websites change alot. My progression out of the world of translations was a phase. I'm over it, and now all such sections are gone.

Q: Why doesn't your site have a disclaimer like every other website ever made?
A: Uh... well, for starters, I'm not a lawyer. I don't know how to write a competent disclaimer. And then there's the fact that many of the images and translations on site a based on properties copyrighted in Japan. I don't know Japanese, and I don't know Japanese copyright laws. There is no way I could possibly write a disclaimer for something I know nothing about.

As for the translations I "borrow" from other people, I try my best to acredit them for their work, and almost always give a link to their page. I have never taken credit for someone else's work, and am more than willing to take down a translation if requested by the author. So in the end, I believe my actions will speak louder than any disclaimer ever could.

Translation Questions

Q: Can I use one of your translations on my site?
A: Probably not. They are not my translations and I am taking a gigantic risk in posting them here. To be on the safe side, please ask the person who made the translation for permission. You can find translator credits either on the series pages, or on the translations themselves.

Q: You are using one of my translations. Can you please remove it from your site?
A: To request that your translation be removed from my site, please send me an e-mail with the following,

  1. Your name and what translation you want taken down.
  2. Proof that you are the person who wrote the translation. (ex: same e-mail as acredited translator, etc.)
  3. Any conditions I could fulfill to keep the translation on my site.
  4. Reason(s) you want the translation removed.
After I recieve your e-mail, I will then send you a reply to state my case, which you can either ignore or respond to. Then, if you still want the translation removed, send me a second (confirmation) e-mail. After I recieve the second e-mail, your translation will be hastily removed.

Q: You made a mistake when organizing the translations.
A: Thanks. Any help from my visitors is greatly appreciated!

Q: I found a website with translations you don't have. Can I give it to you?
A: Of course. Any help from my visitors is greatly appreciated!

Q: Can I give you a translation I've written myself?
A: YES! Any help from my visitors is greatly appreciated!

Scan Questions

Q: How do you make your scans?
I use an average scanner, and MS Paint (which is the default paint program on Windows). As for the techniques of removing the Japanese and puting in the English.. I haven't perfected my technique yet. But when I do, I'll tell you.

Q: I don't like something about your scans.
A: Any feedback about my site is taken to heart. If you have a problem with my scans please explain it to me and I'll try to fix it.

Q: Can I use your scans on my site?
A: Sure, I don't mind if you use them (I didn't make them so nobody could see them. The more exposure, the better!). But remember, I didn't write the translation. It would be best if you asked permission from the translator before using them.

Q: Why did you leave the scans "unflopped"?
A: I took a poll before I made the scans and asked if I should flip the pages or leave them in the original Japanese format. The vote was unanimous, and the manga is left "unflopped".

Q: Are you planning to put your scans in .zip format anytime soon?
A: Ayashi no Ceres book 3, part 1 is now zipped!

Miscellaneous Questions

Q: Please add a link to my page!
A: Sure, but only if you add one to mine.

Q: You barely update your site anymore. What's up?
A: Probably college. But no matter how unoften (Die English, DIE!) I update this site, it is always on my mind and will be updated as often as possible.

Q: Can I work on your site?
A: Maybe. I would love some help, but I need people whom I can trust. If you want to work on this site, please e-mail an application. Include previous websites you have worked on, and what you would do to improve this site.

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